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Embedded Team of Baigudin Software IT-Project

This is a fair company of software developing for embedded systems where each member of the team earns regular income by bringing their own software contribution. The company aim is the creation of safe, reliable, and effective software solutions by researching and identifying problems of system programming directions. We have assembled a team of the best developers, who are ready to raise actual tasks and solve them. This team of theorists and practitioners has been consolidated to build new approaches in embedded software developing. Our solutions are widely used by our industrial partners, who are ready not only to validate and implement the solutions, but suggest new directions of their further development.

Fairness is a main principle

At the core of our team we have established only one basic principle, which is fairness, or fair income. The income directly depends on contributions to the common cause. We have established not a usual company, as we have given each member of the team the opportunity to earn on their ideas and implementations, to participate and be interested in a common success.

The team and the world around

Equitable distribution of income.

Each member of our company earns income in proportion of the paid contribution. If a developer contributes more solutions into the database then he or she gets more percentage of the company profit.

Your ideas works for you

An idea even if it is the most wild might be profitable. We do not give any tasks. We give an opportunity to our members to realize their own ideas and make money on them.

The best solutions only

A decision has a long way from an idea to its implementation. All our team members and partners have a unique opportunity to control quality at the all stages of developing. Thus, the data bank of software includes exceptionally the best solutions.

All development for all

Our developments are always available in total volume. All our clients have exclusive opportunity to get an access to the all data bank, validate and test our solutions making them better and safer.

Maximum feedback

We always strive to improve our developments, and maximum feedback is an essential part of this way. Only fighting use of our solutions gives us this capability. That is why we ever attentively listen people, who use our software.


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